Sharing a PS4 game: A step by step guide

It’s official, I love the new Sony.

They showed that they’ve learned from their past mistakes and are able to carefully correct their course. PS4 updates won’t be such a hassle, you’ll be able to play a currently downloading game, the chip architecture is built for easy development, there is only one unified block of memory (PS3’s divided memory causes severe nut pain for devs) and they welcome any developer with no publisher (hooray for indies!).

All of that led to me being hopeful for Sony and the PS4. Then came the news that devs will be able to block sharing videos and screenshots of their games and I was reminded that they are human and can commit rather obvious mistakes.

Alright, now let’s see what Micros… yeah. Oh, neat conference. It’s 499 US dollars you say? That seems to be too pricey for a game machine that sh*ts all over my rights as a consumer, don’t you think?

And then comes the PS4’s E3 conference.

My god.

That is pure unadulterated trolling.

And I love it.


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