Microsoft is playing with fire

Let me get this straight:

  • The new Xbox is called “Xbox One” because it’s the first one to …. because it’s the only one that … yeah, I don’t know. Maybe Microsoft just wanted to f*ck around and confuse the hell out of everybody with their numbering scheme. Way to copy Nvidia.
  • This new Xbox requires games to be installed fully onto the hard-drive.
  • It also requires games to be linked to individual accounts, and not consoles.
  • This in turn requires a “phone home” phase where the game must verify that the user is not “stealing”, which as you might expect results in a mandatory internet connection.
  • Games can then be given to another account, but only at a fee. A fee that goes entirely to Microsoft and maaaaybe to the developers that actually worked on the game (we don’t know yet).
  • This giving can be done entirely without the need of the physical disk. You know, the thing that you paid 60 bucks for.

So this console is tailor-made to get on everyone’s nerves.

Those games you’re buying? They are services, not products, even if they look remarkably like products. That in itself is a perfect recipe for infuriating hardcore players, the ones that will decide if your console will succeed through the first few years of the life-cycle.

Not content with biting the hand that feeds them, they are biting the hand that actually produces the food. By making the second-hand market irrelevant they’re quite possibly alienating the big … well, no, they are screwing GameStop over and all similar companies that benefitted from second-hand sales. In retribution, GameStop might choose not to sell the Xbox One and offer only the competing products.

If all goes well for the Xbox One, Microsoft will have complete control over every single game being played on any of their consoles.

That is a terrifying amount of power.

If all goes badly, they’ll have to work their way out of their own asshole and apologize profusely for the sins they’ve committed. So, basically, Microsoft is making the same mistakes that Sony did with the PS3 but taking a new douche spin on the whole thing.

We’ll see how this ends. So far, I’m liking the PS4 a whooole lot more now.

(The Wii U is a different story and worthy of its own post, but to mention a few things: nice hardware idea, price could be better, games are non-existent, good attitude towards indies and to top it off, they are not even remotely as evil as microsoft).


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