Patent woes

I don’t normally do this, but sometimes I just have to comment on something that isn’t even remotely connected to videogames, and as you might expect, this is that special moment. Feel free to skip this post if you’re a heartless bastard, though!

We’re good? Well then, here, have this video. No, I instist:

Ah, yes, the moral complexities of capitalism…. I’m sorry, but if you have to ask “Is it good that one given company controls and has the complete monopoly of the cure for X disease?” then you’re doing it wrong, even if said company put lots of money into developing said cure. I have no sympathy for the people and companies that want to control health care and turn it from a right of every human being into a way to make money off of the ill. Oh, hey, and if you’re poor? You’re on your own buddy! After all, your condition as a living and breathing human starts to blur the moment you say you have not enough money.


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