THQ’s life before death and other news

I don’t have much to add, the following video is just an entertaining look at the failed bussiness and marketing decisions made at the THQ headquarters:

However, I do have to say that I’m liking SEGA more and more, even if their handling of Sonic is less than perfect. They do seem to be making really good bussiness decisions lately. One such good decision is buying the entirety of the Warhammer 40k franchise along with the once MMO now single-player RPG Warhammer game “Dark Millenium” that was being developed by the now defunct Vigil. On top of that, SEGA aquired the company Relic (Total War, Company of Heroes) … so let’s say that their IP umbrella is steadily growing.

On other news, TERA has gone free to play! No subscription, no price of entry… except for a 35Gb install. Ouch. I was thinking that I should probably give it a try, but I’m not willing to sacrifice that much hard drive space for a game that I’m not even sure I’d like.


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