The Turret Anthem

Awesome, right? What’s more impressive is that this video wasn’t done by Valve itself but by some guy. What’s even more impressive is that in an era where everyone is suing everyone for copyright infringement, where videos in youtube are locked by country, where videos are being shut down under fair use and sometimes not even that, here we have a company that actively encourages people to mess with their stuff.

Valve is all like: We’ve worked really hard on these tools so we can deliver those “Meet the …” videos to you all, so here, have these tools and have all of these assets for free. Go nuts!

While the music industry is all like: B*tch, if I see ONE more video using MY song in the background I’ll CUT YOU, I mean, SUE YOU.

It’s an interesting issue. Here we have these gigantic music companies that are suing everyone and everything in a desperate attempt to “protect” their business because they are threatened by … well, the internet. But on the other hand we have the videogame industry that is actually flourishing for exactly the same reason. Yes, industry giants are dying, like THQ, but that has more to do with videogame budgets than the threats of the internetz.

danger your tie might kill you
DANGER, DANGER, approaching dangerous topic! Must avoid at all costs! … on a related note, I didn’t know that there was a sign to indicate that in this place, your tie might try to kill you.
Of course, then we get into the topic of piracy, which depending on your world view can even be a good thing (more people are getting access to products they would never dream of buying) but at the same time it permits assholes to get stuff for free when they could perfectly pay for it, and then the creators are the ones that suffer … aaaaaaaaand how the hell did we end up here? *sigh* I remember sort of promising not to talk about this kind of stuff.

Anyway, the thing is, even in the videogame industry where most companies don’t pull down youtube videos and unofficial remakes*, it’s still a breath of fresh air to see Valve release this kind of stuff. Sure, it’s perfect marketing and that may be the only reason why they behave this way, but it’s still great to see such good will.

*MOST don’t, assholes exist everywhere.

Image taken from flickr.


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