I normally don’t talk about religion, or even the very concept of faith because it seems to be a very provocative topic no matter what you say. The moment you hint at what you believe in is the moment you’ll gain the applause of some people and the never-ending scorn of others. Of course, all cultures react differently when discussing the subject, but in general you can’t go through life proclaiming your faith while expecting everyone to be cool with it.

You have a right to believe in whatever you want and discuss your faith with other people like civilized human beings. The problem is, it’s not so easy because critiquing a belief seems to be almost taboo. I find it preposterous that we can’t talk about religion in a calmed manner. If you find my beliefs to be irrational, nonsensical or even offensive, then I’d be glad to discuss the subject with you to find the reasons behind such strong responses. It’s more than probable that neither of us will change our mind but I find these kinds of interactions to be enlightening.

Hence, the reason for this post.

I’m an atheist. I’m an atheist in the sense that I recognize that I don’t know if there is a god. There is no proof that he doesn’t exist as well as there is no proof that he does. However, I find the total lack of evidence to be meaningful. Saying that we can’t disproof something doesn’t automatically make it plausible. We don’t have proof regarding god as well as we don’t have proof regarding flying invisible pink unicorns or any other mythological creature. Who knows, they may exist, they may not, but I don’t see a single reason to believe they do.

Furthermore, I understand faith as belief that something is true even if you don’t have any proof. You feel like it’s true, you think it’s true, your common sense says that it’s true but you don’t have any way of actually proving that it is true. It is fundamental to how we work, how we think, how we formulate hipothesis and a bunch of other things. It is, indeed, very important, but for me, it’s not the whole journey, it’s only how it starts.

Now that we have that out of the way … how the hell can I make a game about this concept? I mean, systematizing the influence that religion has in the whole of society is actually pretty easy. It’s what the industry has been doing for quite some time. At least for me, tackling a more personal story may be the best strategy, but then again I have absolutely no clue on how to handle the idea. The context, the characters, the mechanics, the setup … everything has to deal with the subject of faith/atheism and I can’t think how something like that would even look like.

F*ck, this is hard.


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