Nintendo, that was smart of you

This is probably the smartest thing Nintendo has done in quite a while:

Making regular TV more interactive is not only a deceptively simple concept, but a sorely needed experience for most of us that can’t sit down for two minutes without doing SOMETHING.

“This is going to be awesome!” is what I’d say if my heart wasn’t a scorched cynical piece of inert stone. I just know that somehow this is going to fall oh so very short of its true potential. I mean, there’s the possibility for failure at every corner when it comes to new features and new software from Nintendo, especially if it involves the internet.

To put things into context, this feature of the Wii U should allow the user to get information of whatever he’s watching, with no exceptions and it should also be available right from the start when the console launches. These are the two simplest and most basic requirements for success that I can imagine, but  somehow *cough*3DS’ launch*cough* I highly doubt they’ll happen.

Nevertheless, I have to congratulate Nintendo for trying to innovate outside of their main field, even if they’re most likely going to fall short at the end of the day. And hey, there’ll probably be a competitor product released not long after this one that does the same things but much better. So, in the end, the consumers win! Yay!


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