The 3 million Adventure

Grim Fandango Boxart
You've been upstaged son!

I’m more than sure that everybody out there already knows about this little bit of news, but just in case some of you haven’t heard … well, the guys and gals at Double Fine started a Kickstarter campaign to fund an Adventure game. The reasoning behind it was that people want adventure games but publishers don’t (because they think that not enough people will buy the game to cover the costs and make a profit on top of that) and so adventure games are no longer being made because nobody will pay to make one.

The only possible solution was to cut the middle man, so Double Fine has asked the people for 400,000 dollars to fund the game and what they got in return was more than eight times that amount ($3,335,325 to be exact). As Tim Schafer put it, that’s even more than the funding behind Grim Fandango*.

I wouldn’t call this a victory for adventure games, but rather a victory for this type of funding. There’s always been a need for an alternative to the traditional publishing model, and now it has become clear that the Kickstarter model is the way to go for many previously unviable projects.

*though that’s not a very useful comparison to be honest.


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