Edgy and Errant Signal

Daria. Who would have thought that your cutting remarks would be so poignant a decade later.

I think I was going to talk about something but I just can’t recall what that …

Oh, right: Good news everyone! I’ve found a new source of thoughtful game criticism in video form called “Errant Signal”. The latest of which is the following:

He also has a blog called, you guessed it, Errant Signal where he expands upon his thoughts on game design, it’s context and the overall state of the videogame industry.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed by my praise, but I love what this guy is doing. Every piece of criticism he elaborates on is well thought out and spot on. Well …. most of the time. When analyzing Half-Life he made the point that changing gears every two hours was “bad” for some reason. I mean, how is that bad at all? It lets the player breathe after every exhausting action sequence and on top of that, it serves to change things up so the player doesn’t get bored.

You go from shooting, to puzzles, to driving sections to more shooting to big action set pieces to more puzzles and so on. You could make the argument that the game should be shorter and more compact but that’s an entirely different criticism, because these constant changes were not designed with the intent of making the game longer. They’re there for pacing purposes (That’s a link to an Extra Credits video. If you don’t know what Extra Credits is, shame on you! Go watch every single video they made. NOW!).

Anyway, besides that little tidbit, I really appreciate what this guy is doing.


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