Announcement: I’m not dead

I’ve been quite busy in the past few months due to an unprecedented load of work being dropped in my lap by my teachers in the form of what I assume can be called “assignments”.

So, given my lack of precious time, please excuse me while I offload my condensed thoughts here:

  • Motion control is in a transition phase and that’s the reason why so many people are disenchanted with it. It lacks the tactile feedback that is necessary for it to work in more broad terms. The only things that really work right now are the ones that don’t need this tactile feedback: Mainly throwing, dancing and shooting.
  • Sword fights don’t quite work because when a sword clashes inside the game, it bounces, but the player doesn’t register this interaction in the same way. Sparks may fly, a clashing sound may play and the controller may rumble, but that isn’t enough, the swing of the player’s arm needs to stop as it does inside the game…. and that is impossible right now with the technology available.
  • The same goes for the feeling of “fingers over glass” that touchscreens are recognized for.
  • As it turns out, I’m still susceptible to be trapped by basic collectible mechanics if the game underneath is good enough. Even if the reward is as vapid and uninteresting as artwork and/or trophies.
  • I think I’m the only member of society that actively wants a Zelda game that isn’t completely linear. For me, an open world gated with artificial obstacles only serves to undermine the sense of wonder and adventure. Once the gates have been removed then what’s left to explore?
  • The Book Of Unwritten Tales seems quite lovely.
  • So does To The Moon.
  • Ray-casting is rapidly nearing interactive speeds which might mean that in a generation or two we’ll see very impressive graphics, especially in the lighting department.
  • Box2D is not nearly as complete as I was hoping for, which kind of delayed a tech demo I’ve started to build.
  • Flash continues to fail to support the disabling of the context menu, which continues to enrage me.

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