Dear /expletive/ Adobe

Dear Adobe:

It’s the first time that I’m writting you, so forgive me if I seem blunt, but would you kindly get rid of the f*cking context menu for the flash player? It’s the single most annoying thing about your applet. Nobody else does anything remotely similar to that, not javascript, not java, not unity and especially not html5, your strongest competition in the coming years. I’m asking this for your own sake.

Since you are soon to be releasing a new version of Flash with a new focus on games, I’m inclined to believe that you’ll let developers use the f*cking right mouse button. I mean, you’re showing videos of Unreal Tournament 3 working inside flash! You’d have to be f*cking insane not to give developers the option to disable the context menu, right?


I know that your flash technology used to be all about animation, and that’s why at first it seemed harmless to have a context menu. I mean, hey, there’s no interactivity with the applet itself so it seemed like a good idea. I know. That was 14 years ago. Things have changed and you might have noticed that developers now want to use the right mouse button for things other than displaying a f*cking context menu. We’ve even gone to the extremes of hacking around your applet, even if said hacks are never compatible with every browser out there (I’m looking at you Opera). We’re willing to loose some of our audience just to give our players a better experience and more intuitive control.

Get your shit tog*ther.


Every fucking game developer


3 thoughts on “Dear /expletive/ Adobe

  1. Diego Doumecq

    Yes! Finally! Thanks for the tip 🙂
    Better late than never I suppose, though I’m still bewildered by how long that horrible thing lasted as a mandatory “feature”.

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