I love Destructoid

I’ve already talked about my newly discovered dislike for a certain gaming news blog that starts with a “K” and ends with “otaku”, so I thought it would be fitting to also talk about my love for the gaming blog Destructoid.

There’s no roundabout way of saying it, so let’s take the bull by the horns: A gigantic part of Destructoid is Jim Sterling. A man capable of the stupidest jokes you’ll ever see on the internet, at least at face value. His comedy is very hit or miss but there’s always a reasoning behind it. An infamously bad example of his shocking humor would be the time he … well, just go here and take a look at the comments if you don’t dare to play the video. Low-brow? Of course it is, just as low-brow as the source material. You can’t say that the game wasn’t intended for what Mr Sterling did.

But that’s not why I love most of his stuff, especially in recent years. What fascinates me is that even though he’s the reviews editor for the site, his commitment to express his own opinion as unfiltered as possible is unparalleled. If he loves something, he’ll let you know in a heart-beat. If he hates something, he’ll rip it apart. No matter what game it is, no matter what company is behind that game and no matter it’s metacritic score.

Excuse my language, but what he does takes some balls.

He also makes very good points from time to time.

Now, having said all of that, my love for the site wouldn’t be as strong if it weren’t for their Community Blogs and how they promote the very best of them to the front page. For example, I recently read this essay on why motion controls shouldn’t be used for 1:1 movement. It exposes a fundamental flaw with these types of controls, using simple terms and even illustrations to help an average reader understand. On top of that the author even makes a few suggestions on how to improve the current systems used for hand to hand combat.

There’s an air of honesty and intelligent discourse around the site that I just find quite appealing.

Also, they are not afraid of just goofing around.


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