Now I get it

I’m sure most people know the site by now, but Kotaku happens to be one of the best sources for videogame news out there. It also happens to be one of the most hated videogame sites out there, on par with and sometimes even surpassing IGN and Gamespot.

I always wondered why that is. I mean, the site doesn’t look like it’s that bad. Sometimes (well, alright, regularly) they post ridiculously irrelevant articles about some recent event or scandal. Sometimes they pretend that it has to do with videogames… but lately they don’t even try. Add to that a sprinkle of anime news and you’ve got yourself a cocktail of pure internet garbage. At least according to some people.

The problem with these irrelevant posts and the reason behind the hate is that they’re there to bring as much traffic to the site as possible, without any regards to quality of content.

But to me, that isn’t reason enough. I never actually liked the site, but for me it fulfilled it’s purpose as a source of news and interesting things to read about. I never saw much of a reason to hate Kotaku, apart from the website’s layout (don’t even get me started).

Well, as you might expect from the title of this post: Now I get it.

I’m talking about this post.

Go ahead, read it, I’ll be here when you come back.

Done? Good. Now, tell me something:

Doesn’t that post sound like it was written by a stupid little teenage kid? We all have our brain farts from time to time, but there are editors at Kotaku. They’re supposed to be able to spot childish banter and complaints. There’s no excuse.

As a PS9 said in the comments:

I don’t get what he’s really complaining about. He says the games a turd, but doesn’t tell us the turd-ier aspects of the gameplay. He doesn’t like manga, doesn’t like androgyny and doesn’t like references to Catholicism. (didn’t know only catholic churches have bells and reference halos and horns but whatever).

Two of those three complaints could have been discovered through screenshots and movies. I mean, look at Catherine’s face. If it took a demo download and a play through to tell you this was going to be a strange anime game by now, I feel sorry for your obviously damaged powers of perception.

(Emphasis mine)

Now, I’m not saying that I won’t be reading Kotaku anymore … what I am saying is that my respect for the site and specifically Mike Fahey has suffered a plummeting fall.

On the other side of the spectrum, my respect and love for Destructoid grows more and more each week.


3 thoughts on “Now I get it

  1. I keep Kotaku on my google reader list for one reason only: headline skimming. It’s the same for Gizmodo/Engadget/Lifehacker/some-other-“newsy”-site-made-by-Gawker-or-whatever.

    I like Destructoid too. For other game-related news, I prefer Gamasutra. The articles and videos on Escapist are pretty awesome too, so much so I’ll probably be a paid-subscriber this time next month.

  2. Diego Doumecq

    I see both, Gamasutra and The Escapist as very good sources of articles, critiques and reflection pieces, but not so much news. I sincerely don’t know why that is though …
    Oh, and I forgot to mention Rock Paper Shotgun. That site is _the_ best source of pc gaming news out there. Alonside TigSource of course.

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