Sinking to new lows

Just … just watch this trailer:

Need for Speed: The Run seems to be what an executive might come up with when confronted with the “need” to “innovate“. Sure, it’s just another racing game, but guess what, this one is scripted up the wazoo and filled with Quick Time Events…. hooray?

It’s the ultimate example of cinematic flair at the expense of everything else. You race for a few seconds, then get interrupted by a scripted scene you have no control over, then proceed to press X to not die a few times and then repeat this same process all over again but in a different car.

No, don’t worry, I don’t want to control my character while he’s running. Or hiding. No, I want you, dear designer, to play the game for me. Sure, make it so I have to press a few buttons here and there to make me believe I’m part of what’s happenning on the screen. Yeah, that’s exactly what I want.

Giant arrow signs blocking other possible escape routes? Fantastic, that sounds awesome and completely plausible. Sign me up.

Yeah. I haven’t played this game and I already hate it in principle.


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