Is it just me?

This is going to be a weird and personal post.

Recently I’ve been wondering if the way I think about … well, anything is the “standard way of thinking” or not. What the hell do I mean by that? Let me explain:

The way I think about anything, be it game design or forming a sentence or drawing or whatever, follows these steps:

  1. An idea appears instantly in it’s raw form.
  2. Then comes the analysis of this new idea.
  3. If not appropriate, discard the idea. Otherwise, return to step 1 for refinement.

Notice something? Yeah, that’s an infinite loop with only one way out: to discard the idea. So, what I’m saying here is that no idea of mine is locked in place, not even this sentence I just wrote, I might come back to it and change a few things. Which I just did.

Ideas change whenever I revisit them, refining them and finding new interesting things about them. The problem is, when I express those ideas to someone it’s never clear that what I’m saying is subject to change, so a few days (or even minutes…) later when I’m talking about the same idea it seems like I’m contradicting myself because the idea changed.

Which is a huge pain in the rear.

What’s not clear to me though is why this happens. Is it a communication problem? Or am I a weirdo? Is it both perhaps? I don’t know.


Then why the hell am I talking about it here? Well, that at least I know: I’m willing to bet that some of the readers (if not all of them) of this blog are highly creative people. Now, this is probably far-fetched but I was wondering if this way of thinking was a sign of creative thinking or something along those lines.

Yeah, I know. Still, I needed to get this out of my chest.

Regular posting schedule will resume in … some point in the future, I’m currently swamped.


One thought on “Is it just me?

  1. Well… as you said. It’s just like that… but!! with a little mistake that you can resolve with a small adjust.

    In software programming there are several times that some commands or events needs a loop, but this loops could make the computer “explode”, or the user get bored or eager and he could close the software before it get to a conclusion.

    For this cases, there are 2 solutions:
    Use a countdown or counter in the begining:
    1 -An idea appears instantly in it’s raw form (or is the refinement) Refinement Number: 12, refinement number is less than 15 so we go to steep 2, else do “the f— idea instantly”

    3 – If not appropriate, discard the idea. Otherwise, return to step 1 for refinement, refinement number +1.

    OR the real thing is that everybody ends with this:

    3 – If not good enough Return to step 1 for refinement, else if it is good or realy bad… do the f… idea.

    If you really were stocked in the loop, you shall never get to write what you actually wrote. What you actually did, is wrote this knowing that it is a good idea… or it is a bad idea but you had to write something anyway…
    And yes. it is a probe that you are creative, because not creative people end with:

    3. If it’s not excelent. Discard the idea. END

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