Excuse my inner adolescent

This in-game footage of Vanquish is just too awesome not to share:

Let’s see, here we have a cover-based over the shoulder sci-fi shooter that uses copious amounts of bullet-time. This is a game about shooting things while trying to avoid being shot at, a description that fits about 80% or so of the games that are out there right now. If you knew me, you’d assume that I would be the last person to be interested in such a game.

But here I am, salivating profusely. Apparently, all they had to do to get my attention was add a power-slide mechanic.

And the reason for this is because most shooters these days devolve into popping in and out of cover just to take potshots at the bad guys, occasionally waiting for health to regenerate. Vanquish looks like it uses cover as breathing room and little else: The combat consists of power-sliding through the battlefield, doing crazy acrobatics and shooting in bullet-time whenever possible.

I’m guessing it’s a little early to get hyped up, but I can’t help it. The mechanics look like they’ve been designed by the “angry shark made out of swords with lasers on it’s back riding a motorcycle while fighting zombie robot pirates” school of thought, but upon further inspection one finds that they might not only look awesome, but they may be bringing some added strategical depth to the battlefield.

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