Humble Indie Bundle Part 3: Open sourcing

I’ve already talked in great detail about this bundle, I know, but things are getting more and more interesting as time passes and expectations are blown out of the water.
The major news is that the Humble Indie Bundle has reached a million dollars, 319,658 of those going to charity (Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child’s Play), the rest to the developers. Due to this fact, not only have they added 3 more days to the timer, but they’ve also kept their promise made in the video at the 1:17 mark: As of 5/11/10, Aquaria, Gish, Lugaru HD, and Penumbra Overture pledge to go open source.

I love indies.

At this moment, only Lugaru’s source code is available since this kind of thing requires some preparation, but the others will probably follow suit shortly thereafter.

The numbers right now are:

  • Total raised $1,030,205
  • Number of contributions 113,797
  • Average contribution $9.05
  • Average Windows user contribution $7.95
  • Average Mac user contribution $10.18
  • Average Linux user contribution $14.54
  • Windows users contributed 54% of the total raised
  • Mac users contributed 22% of the total raised
  • Linux users contributed 24% of the total raised

Every single average went up, but one has to consider that the big contributions some people did might have something to do with the high averages:

  1. Anonymous    $3333.33
  2. Anonymous    $1337.0
  3. Anonymous    $1000.0
  4. Anonymous    $500.0
  5. Muhammad Haggag    $500.0
  6. Anonymous    $400.0
  7. Anonymous    $327.67
  8. Phil B.    $313.37
  9. Manuel Calavera    $281.0
  10. unsigned char    $255.0

Confirmed: Programmer and internet humor are  always present wherever you look. I’m kind of surprised nobody contributed the sum of 80085 dollars.


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