Humble Indie Bundle Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

Alright, I didn’t expect this, but the Humble Indie Bundle just got humbler. Jeffrey Rosen sent this in an email:

This morning, I was talking to fellow indie studio Amanita Design. They wanted to donate to the Humble Indie Bundle too — but in a unique way. They decided to donate their award-winning, cross-platform game, Samorost 2, to the bundle!

So… now it’s 6 games in one “pay what you want/can” bundle? That’s … that’s just humbling (alright alright, enough with that word), I don’t know how can anyone pass up on a deal such as this, even if you already own half of the games.

Onto the sales news of this bundle, I’m happy to say that in 4 days the money raised has been quintupled. The curious thing is, that the Mac and Linux users are paying quite a bit more than the Windows users, and when the wolfire blog pointed this out, the average payment went up all across the board. Competition can do wonderful things, don’t you think?

At the moment of this writing, the numbers are:

  • Total raised $624,706
  • Number of contributions 74,236
  • Average contribution $8.42
  • Average Windows user contribution $7.22
  • Average Mac user contribution $9.72
  • Average Linux user contribution $13.97
  • Windows users contributed 52% of the total raised
  • Mac users contributed 23% of the total raised
  • Linux users contributed 25% of the total raised
  • For further number crunching and other interesting data, go visit the wolfire blog

Anyway, there’s only two days and less than 2 hours for this bundle to expire, so… you know, hurry up.


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