Humble Indie Bundle

I don’t particularly like the above video, but that deal is frankly impossible to pass up:

  • Pay what you want (less than 30 cents is basically like giving them nothing due to what paypal charges).
  • You get 5 games in total: World of Goo(2D Boy), Aquaria(Bit Blot), Gish(Chronic Logic), Lugaru HD(Wolfire Games), and Penumbra(Frictional Games).
  • Choose where your money goes: charity, the developers or both (you can also choose how much goes to each one).
  • No middle-man, all profit goes to the desired destination, excluding the charges for the transaction of course.
  • All games are available on Windows, Linux and Mac (There’s three separate downloads for each game).
  • Absolutely no sight of DRM.

Oh, and the offer is time limited and will only be available for another 6 days and 18 hours. What are you waiting for? I know that’s a cliched question to ask, but come on. I’ve already linked to it three times. Er… four times now.

At the moment of this writting, the total amount of money raised is $119,598 (which is 50k more than the number I saw a few hours ago) and there’s been 14981 contributors so far.


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