Ahhh, that’s better

Well well well, what do we have here? It seems like I’ve finally decided to change the theme around these parts. I have to say I’m not that happy about the new layout just yet, that header image seems appropriate enough, what with the name of this blog, but I’ll probably change it in a few days … or weeks. Though I have to say that the only thing that’s truly bothering me is the lack of visibility of hyperlinked text.

Just to prove my point, the word “seems” in the previous paragraph links to Wikipedia’s page about the Euler’s identity. Did anybody see the link without me pointing it out? No? I rest my case.

*5 minutes later* WOW, that’s an extreme hue of red I have there for selected text. Me doesn’t approve at all. That has to go and fast, I’ll see what I can do with the gimped css system this thing offers.

*20 minutes later* … kill … I must kill whoever had the idea of letting me think I could edit the CSS without paying out of my ass. That’s it, if I can’t change this thing whatsoever then I can’t keep it. I’ll see if there’s another theme that suits my tastes… or revert back to the very same old theme I’ve been using for almost two years.

*2 hours later* Alright, I think I’ve chosen a theme that finally meets my needs and doesn’t look like a baboon’s morning puke. The only thing I can find to complain is that now I have two sidebars when I only needed one…. but on the other hand, it looks kind of neat to have this much space to play with the widgets.

So… yeah, transmutation complete, the blog now looks different, and in my opinion, better. Hooray! Though I will be changing the header image eventually, the colors kind of clash with the rest of the site.


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