Is it a *insert genre here*?

There’s been some discussion as of late in some blogs about wether or not some games could be considered RPGs. I decided as the perfect almighty being that I am that I shall end this discussion and all further discussions on the subject of game genres here:

Is this game a *insert genre here*? Well sir, if you have to ask, then no, it isn’t just that genre, it’s at best a particular mixture of genres.

Now, some of you might find my perfect answer to be lazy, and maybe that’s because it is. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the use of genre conventions has some advantages but I still couldn’t care less because it doesn’t help me as a designer. It’s a marketing and public image issue that I just don’t care about. And why should I? Thinking inside categories has never helped me make a design choice and I doubt that will ever be the case.

That is, until I’m forced to be the marketing guy on one of my games. And still, in that case I will only worry about genres when I actually have a finished product in needs of being categorized.

Fair enough?


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