Idea Number 3141592

idea lightbulb
Game Designer Mode: On. Lightbulb: On. Neon Sign inside lightbulb: Strangely amusing.

Unlike my previous posts in this style, this one is about a simple mechanical idea. Most likely, I’ll add some meaning behind the mechanics, but for now this is just an abstract game idea that I’ll probably end up actually using in a game in a month or two (I’m currently swamped (SWAMPED I tell you!) with a current project that doesn’t have anything to do with game design and everything to do with learning 4 different coding languages, each with their own tools and work environments (If you are curious, the languages are Action Script 3, C++, C#, javascript and php (… it seems I have lost the ability to count thanks to all this learning… (Still, totally worth it))))).

Anyway, for the sake of being simplistic, imagine a traditional 16bit RPG. Now imagine having the monster on the map instead of being random encounters. Then imagine that everything falls inside a fixed grid like any other tactics game. Now let’s say that your protagonist is accompanied by his or her party. The whole party being visible at all times and following the protagonist in a conga line style.

Are you still with me? Good. Or bad, I really don’t know your answer, I’m just guessing here.

The player will be able to control two things in total: the leader and his or her attacks. That’s it. The rest of the party will have up to three different reactions on each step the leader makes. So, let’s say the leader walks three spaces and makes the cleric move two spaces in consequence. Each of the two times the cleric moved he cured every other party member in a radius of 2 squares with a light cure spell. Everybody else either used items, equiped other weapons/armor or just plain did nothing because nobody was either in danger or in a position to attack.

Time in this World would only flow for each party member only when said member is walking. For instance, the flying arrows the archer shot will stop in the middle of the air if the archer stops walking.

Some very interesting things in this world could then revolve around limiting or liberating space around other entities, be them enemies or even NPCs. The first example that comes to mind is blocking the shopkeeper’s path will let the player loot the place without him going nuts.

I don’t know, there’s something particularly amusing about a world where nobody can stand still, even during conversations. Mmmhhh, maybe I could fade out the text-box as the NPC gets away from the leader.

Alright, I wasn’t sure at first, but now I’ve convinced myself: I’m definitely going to implement this idea.

Image technically stolen from this here blog I found through something totally other than google images.


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