The reason

Warning: Somewhat of a personal note incoming.

I like to make videogames. That’s something that, hopefully, some of you have understood by now. But the reason why I make games and why I like to make games wasn’t answered up until now in this blog. So, I think I should probably put the reason out there, even if nobody cares:

The reason why I make videogames is not because I want to make money off of them.

Or get recognized.

Or become a pioneer of a new medium.

It’s because I like to create. I like to explore uncharted intellectual territory. I like to express myself through many different mediums, and this one just happens to be the most interesting (and challenging) one I’ve encountered so far.

Making videogames may become my full-time job in the future, or it may just stay as a hobby. I frankly don’t know what the future has in store for me, but all I know is that these reasons will stay firm, whether I work for the industry or not.


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