Good difficulty

Ah, yes, the “good difficulty” debate.  I’m making generalizations here, but saying that it’s a good kind of difficulty because you blame yourself for your faults instead of blaming the game, doesn’t exactly say much about how well done the difficulty is in this game. However, it says a whole lot about how well the game is constructed and polished, and how well disguised the string of challenges is. If the AI is not crap, then chances are it’s not their fault that you just got shot and died. If the level design is very well done,  if you just stepped on a mine, that’s your fault for not looking. If the vision of your enemies is done in a very natural and realistic way, then it’s your fault if you alerted the guards.

If you see out there a review that praises a game for having “good difficulty”, then please, take it as a compliment of polish instead of an indicator of how difficult the game is. Because it could be hard as hell, and yeah, you just died 2375826 times in a row, but hey, it was your fault, right? Or it could be the other way around and be easy as pie for you and your fingers of lightning.

But difficulty in itself is not exactly easy to measure, so yeah, let’s leave this tangent at that. For now.


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