The Witcher 2

Oh my… Witcher, what have they done to you?

Hilariously bad dialogue and voice-acting? Repetitive Combat? “Quick Time Events” and “innovation” used in the same sentence????

This is too much dude! I mean, sure, it’s only an alpha build and it may or may not be a leaked video, but the overall tone and game design I’m able to extrapolate from that trailer is extremely underwhelming.

But hey, look! Pretty graphics and physics! This game is gonna be so awesome! I can’t wait to upgrade my PC just to play it and then be underwhelmed with the latest in graphic technology!

[/sarcasm and pure black acid from the depths of hell]

Now, seriously, that trailer positively killed any interest I might have had in the game.

Then again, it will probably have cards with boobs so I might buy it (I’m kidding, KIDDING).


One thought on “The Witcher 2

  1. Diego Doumecq

    Disclaimer: The video might as well be something that was prepared just to fish for publishers, and so talking about how well the game is designed or how subtle the themes behind are, is not what they want to hear.

    “AWESOME BUMP MAPPING AND NORMAL MAPPING, HAVOK PHYSICS, BLOOD AND QUICK TIME EVENTS” is apparently the best strategy to grab the attention of publishers, so hence this video. Of course they don’t mention the naughty bits, because that’s a big no-no due to the ESRB ratings.

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