Update time!

Seriously, wow. It’s been a month, a month since I updated this blog? Excuse me while I glare at myself in disgust.


Alright, now that that’s over with, let’s update this sucker.

  • Starcraft 2 will apparently have “semi-LAN” which means … what? That you’ll still need a connection to the internet, that’s what. (And the choir goes “Boo! Hiss! … well, at least it’s semi isn’t it? That’s gotta count for something.” (No it doesn’t, now shut up. Yes, all of you.))
  • The third game by the Behemoth is still under development, which is hardly a surprise, but they’ve given out quite a few details. Basically, it’s all I’ve said previously in my analysis of the first video, and then some. It’s still all quite up in the air so… yeah, there’s not much to say other than “I want that game, whatever it is”.
  • More and more ideas keep popping in my head and I can’t find the time to polish and present them here in this blog.
  • Speaking of ideas, it looks like I’ll be able to implement at least some of these with a friend of mine. Let’s see how that goes and if our friendship can last more than two days after we start.
  • I’m working now! That *may* mean that I won’t update as often as I did in the past, but then again you may as well not notice the tiniest change of pace.
  • I have quite a few posts in the backburner. Two of them about rules and the manipulation of them, so this month should be fun.
  • Remember the Ceville review I promised looooong ago? Yeah,that didn’t happen. I reviewed the incredibly sh*tty experience that was messing with the graphic configurations with that game, but the game itself? It’s just another adventure game that tries to do not that much to mix up the formula. I give it an 8 out of a”possible” 10, because 7 is too low for any videogame on the face of the earth and if I start giving out 9s then that would mean I’d have to give 9s to everybody else, wouldn’t it?
  • In other news, review scores are bullsh*t.
  • In yet other news, I’m kind of swearing a lot, so I should stop writing this post right about now.

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