Donation model


I have absolutely nothing to add to this. Just … watch it, please.

Oh, and don’t even dare to look at the comments on youtube. I never expect anything of value to come from those “conversations” but my god, this… this was just too much.


3 thoughts on “Donation model

  1. Hehe, I actually commented on the youtube video. This really struck a chord with me. I’ve started formulating a plan to act on this idea before it just slumps down in the murk of the internet. Not sure exactly what it is yet…

  2. Diego Doumecq

    If it weren’t for your comments I would probably be punching kittens right now.

    On my part, I’m probably going to try to do an IF game. There’s just something really interesting about the genre that has captured my mind for quite some time now.

    It’s probably going to be made in Game Maker, with explosions and lighting mechanics.

    I’m not kidding.

  3. Really good speech.

    Although he is kind of neglecting the fact of people educated in 50 years of the most perverted consumerism, the core idea is good, and I like the “lets change it” spirit.

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