Work more! Be payed less! Join us!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is why I probably won’t ever be part of the “mainstream” videogame industry:

The simple fact (as demonstrated in its research, available at the link above) is that most game developers burn out within 5 years of entering the industry, because of the absurd hours (for, incidentally, lower pay than programmers, artists, producers, and Q/A people can command in other software and media ventures). (And for the youth reading this post, this is why you are an IDIOT to attend Digipen or Full Sail — get a generalized CS or art degree, so you can get a job somewhere else when you get burned out on the industry. Do NOT get a degree that ties you to the medium for all time to come.)

Apparently, at Epic, 60 hours a week is not crunch time, it’s normal. Sorry for the language, but What the fuck are they thinking? Are they fucking insane? No wonder we see so many bugs, so many patches, so many lazy ports; they’ve got zombies doing the coding for the least possible money.

Anyways, go to Play this Thing for the whole article. I knew these kinds of practices where normal, but reading about the IGDA debacle really makes my blood boil.


One thought on “Work more! Be payed less! Join us!

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