Dear Diary

Yesterday I got a gun pointed at me when I was returning home at night and my inmediate response was to run like hell in the opposite direction. Apparently my legs have a speed limit, so when I tried to go faster than what they were capable of I tripped, landing on my left hand, right knee and right elbow. I’m pretty sure I resumed running in a split second but it felt like hours. During the whole time I kept expecting to hear gunfire, but thankfully the robber never fired a single bullet.

My legs are killing me for the abuse they took and the scratches from the fall sure do hurt a lot, but I was extremely lucky.

Boy do I love this country (Argentina).


3 thoughts on “Dear Diary

  1. Diego Doumecq

    What are you talking about? I executed my Roadrunner-Fu perfectly.
    … except for that whole tripping over my own legs thing.

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