Here we have the main protagonist.
Here we have the main protagonist.

Remember that I kind of promised to do a formal critique of the Ceville demo? …. Oh, you don’t. Never mind then.

But for those that do remember, I have the perfect excuse: I’ve been busy! Like, really busy. Why? Oh, you know, doing this and that, living life and doing things. That sort of stuff. Very time consuming.

Oh, and I’m making a new game. Yeah, that’s important too. I’ll be participating in the TIGSource cockpit compo! And that image you see up there is some concept art I asked a friend to do.

If you want to know, I’ve already coded a third of the whole game at least, so I think I’ll be able to meet the deadline. You never know how much time is going to take to implement an idea, especially when it’s something you’ve never done before. The situation may be even worse for games that refuse to be categorized into a particular genre, like mine! Oh yes, it’s going to be as wonderfully weird and nonsensical as yours truly =)


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