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I almost feel guilty shooting him in the face repeatedly. Oh well, it's for the sake of the kids.
I almost feel guilty when I'm shooting him repeatedly in the face. Oh well, it's for the sake of the kids.

What if you could lure a little sister away from a big daddy?

Picture this: You are inside a barely lit basement, the only light source being a couple of windows near the ceiling. When you peek out of one of these, you can see a little sister playing around with a corpse near you while the big daddy is distracted with something happening off-screen. Then the game let’s you grab the little sister and then see how the worried parent behaves. Worried, confused, angry and finally depressed would be the emotions he could go through.

Just imagine a big daddy on the floor sitting against the wall, catatonic since he lost the one reason he had to live. Maybe he just stays there, looking at the void, maybe he just stays angry and trashes everything he sees, maybe he becomes obsessed and keeps searching for her lost child, maybe he finds a doll and treats it like his lost little sister.

There’s so much potential for exploration with the relationship between these large fatherly beasts and these small creepy little girls, that I have to wonder why in the world is it mandatory to kill the kind beast in order to save/harvest the little princess.


3 thoughts on “Bioshock Edit

  1. If you rescue\harvest all the Little Sisters in a particular area you get a small taste of that., as you watch the Big Daddy wandering from vent to vent looking for his charge. The plaintive whale like moans he makes can be quite affecting.

  2. Diego Doumecq

    Aaahh, so at least they explored the relationship a little further, good.
    Thanks, I haven’t played it yet since my pc is not up to the task, but I’ve heard so much about the game that I almost feel like I did play it =)

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