New page! Experiments!

Good, bad and in between news. There's something for everybody!
Good, bad and in between news. There's something for everybody!

Well, it’s not exactly a new page, it’s been there for more than a couple of days, but I never properly announced it. I wanted to have something there before I drive people’s attention to it, so now that I have at least two experiments uploaded I feel I can safely say “Hey, there’s a new section! Check it out!”.

This new page is meant to be my implementation corner, where I materialize my game design thoughts into actual code. Granted, I’ll most likely only implement my smaller ideas, you know, the ones that don’t require millions of dollars of investment.

The two experiments currently uploaded are Paint it red and The beauty of math. The first one is a simple implementation of an idea I have for a sandbox game based around paint and colors. It’s a rather complicated idea to implement and Game Maker is not up to the task, so this one will stay in this state for a while, at least until I get used to Pygame. The second one got it’s start in a radically different way, it was a first actually. I was toying around with some cosine functions and decided to see if I could animate something resembling a flower, basically a circle with lots of petals. One thing led to another and I ended up with the tech demo you now see.

For now I’ll be using Game Maker for all my experiments, since it’s the only game making platform I’m comfortable with. It’s very nice and fast to use but it has it’s drawbacks, mainly that it’s very (VERY) inefficient and it’s windows only. But don’t panic Linux and Mac users, I’m currently in the process of acclimating myself to python with pygame which supports all three operating systems. I was frankly surprised by the similarities between Python and Game Maker, so I’ll hopefully won’t take long to produce at least something with it.

With that said, I have to study for three upcoming finals so I’ll most likely only update sporadically with small posts. So this whole blogging, game making, python and experiments thing will have to wait at least until the 7th of march.

Till then, I’m Diego, signing out.

PS: This also means no Blogs of the Round Table post from me for February =(

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