Dear Blogosphere

SLOW DOWN. Seriously. You all are making me look bad for not updating in weeks.

In other very related news, I’m still developing Casting Shadows 2. I just hope to finish before the 17th of January (which is when the voting in the Single Boss contest starts). It’s not a proper game yet, it doesn’t have implemented the story and conversations as well as some minor game-play elements, but in this unfinished state it’s a far more enjoyable game than Casting Shadows 1 ever was. So I guess what I’m trying to say here  is “I’m very happy with the results so far, and no, I’m not dead”.

Don’t worry though, I haven’t forgotten about the missing final part of the Frayed Knights Pilot critique, I can’t promise anything but I will probably be able to squeeze some free time next week to finally write it.

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