File Sharing and the Pony Express

Dr. David Price, who works in anti-piracy on behalf of content-providers, has stated categorically that most media companies have the wrong attitude to piracy. They should see it not as shrinkage (shop-lifting), but as competition. He sees the success of file sharing not simply as a consequence of the content being free (TV stations already give their content away for free) but because the black library provides material conveniently and rapidly (especially in countries like Australia at the butt-end of media distribution). He claims people flock to piracy because it offers better service, and cautions media corporations that “the best way of stopping piracy is to be the best provider of your content.”

That right there is a quote from one of the best… no, the best blog entry I’ve read all year. It summarizes perfectly all my feelings towards the issue of piracy and how almost all the media industries are approaching the issue (hint: badly).

I can’t add anything, Chris has said it all. I’ll just point at it and say: “What he said is important, very important and you should probably go read it now.”

I mean it.


2 thoughts on “File Sharing and the Pony Express

  1. Diego Doumecq

    Oh, it’s nothing 🙂
    It’s three years later and it’s still as relevant as the day it was written, if not even more so, considering SOPA, Protect IP and all those other badly written soon-to-be laws.

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