This is what Mirror’s Edge should have been

Aaaaaaaaaaand resuming normal activity for a moment now. Sorry for the impromptu hiatus, I promise I’ll never do that again… without a warning.

So, what do we have here? It seems like EA finally got something right and actually gave people what they wanted in Mirror’s Edge! (albeit in the form of DLC, but at least it’s something).

Also, I’m currently working on Casting Shadows 2 so I’ll probably be posting less than usual this month and HEY! Look behind you! It’s a pretty video! *runs and climbs a wall*


3 thoughts on “This is what Mirror’s Edge should have been

  1. I’m likely in the minority but I find the entire concept of the Mirror’s Edge DLC bizarre. Fluid movement and free running feel most interesting when you have some kind of environmental reference point. For me the thrill came from moving through a realistic city, using pipes, boxes and chairs and other mundane objects to aid my acrobatics. It taught me to look at the world in a different way, almost to develop my own “runner vision”. Strip that out and I fear it’ll lose a lot of its appeal.

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