Tiny update and a big thank you

First of all, I wanna give a great thank you to Jay from the Rampant Coyote Blog for being such a good sport about my critique of Frayed Knights. He sure did put some pressure on me for part II though, saying that it will appear shortly. I rarely write two blog posts in a week! Not to worry though, when the inspiration flows nothing can stop me. So … *stares blankly at the monitor for 15 minutes* … yeah.

Seriously though, I’ve already written half of part II and I’m afraid that there’s so much more to talk about that there may be a part III. Or not. Sometimes I rant on and on about this one subject and sometimes I can barely write a paragraph about it. I really don’t know how many parts it’s going to take me until I’ve actually finished it.

On the other hand, sometimes I think I’ve finished a critique, but then some other subjects surface and I have to address them inmediately. Such is the case of the Kivi’s Underworld critique in which, for example, I failed to comment on or even mention the skill system. But I have to finish the Frayed Knights one first, so this will have to wait.

In other unrelated news, I’ve updated the About page so now it tells something about myself and the blog instead of being a rant about the unbelievable restrictions wordpress.com imposes.


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