Casting Shadows: Finished!

It’s done. Finished. Achieved 100% completion and now I’m left waiting for feedback on it. The probability of yet another bug comming to the surface is astronomically high, even though *I* can’t find any bugs at the moment.

This last month I’ve been developing Casting Shadows for a “single-screen RPG” contest at adva. Sadly, there are no particular prices other than the exposure but I’ll take what I can get.
The voting phase started yesterday so.. you know, go there, download all the games and vote for the best ones (and mine too, if you don’t mind).


Jump and radiate light!
Jump and radiate light!

The whole game takes place inside the same cave, so capturing interesting screenshots is everything but easy.

Fancy effects!
Fancy effects!

For some reason, converting from bmp to jpg sucked almost all the color out of that rainbow effect =(

Dialog choices!
Dialog choices!

If you look at your right you’ll see dialog options. Please don’t waste effort in trying to read them, they are all in some kind of alien language called “spanish”.

Anyways, the whole game is in spanish, so if you, dear reader, happen to know the language and are willing to download a 4MB windows only game, then please, be my guest:

Casting Shadows v2.1 Download

So far, only one unfortunate betatester couldn’t play the game because of a bizarre incompatibility that messed up all the surfaces and sprites with alpha blending. Some integrated graphic cards can’t handle such a task apparently, but fortunately he’s in a minority. I think.


3 thoughts on “Casting Shadows: Finished!

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  2. Capt_Poco

    This is a great idea for teaching people Spanish. I do wish someone would translate the thing into a language we can all speak (like Esperanto). For now, my command of Spanish doesn’t extend farther than Como tea llamas? (“Where are your llamas?”) and Buenos dias. I did learn that the character in the first screenshot is called Camilia, and the one in the second is a kind of Thief. So… big progress.

  3. Diego Doumecq

    Haha, I guess you were joking, but just to be safe, “Como te llamás?” means “What’s your name?”.

    My intention with this game certainly wasn’t to “try to teach spanish”, I would have translated the thing by now if that were the case =)

    To be frank, it’s my first finished and released game, so, naturally, I’d like to make a ton of changes to it to reflect how I’ve grown and evolved in the last few months. The thing is, Game Maker is way too restrictive in some aspects, so I’m wondering if I would be better off starting from scratch in another platform.

    Which means that I’d probably make a remake of the game before trying to translate it. And even then, I don’t know if I like the game enough to do a remake.

    Though, this isn’t taking into account if somebody wants to help me with the translation. In that case I guess I could go by with just a few improvements to gameplay and some dialog editing.

    Anyways, there’s a low probability that a translation might happen soon, but it’s not rock bottom.

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