Casting Shadows

Yikes, it has been a long time since my last post, sorry about that, there’s no excuse frankly. Although I have to say that I have been pretty busy in the past couple of weeks, developing a game for a contest, so it’s not just laziness the reason why I keep forgetting to update.

Anyways, due to time constrains the overall design does not push any boundaries that I can think of. It’s definitely something I have never seen before though, but that may be due to my ignorance. Imagine a graphic adventure game with lighting mechanics, the perspective and sprites of a 16-bit era RPG and simplistic keyboard controls. For now, it’s called “Casting Shadows”, it’s a preliminary name but I think I’ll stick with it.

It all takes place inside a cave, with the player character visiting it for the first time in search for treasure. Unluckily for him, the cave is currently being used as a prison, so digging around for treasure before freeing everybody is not an option (especially since he’s going to use dynamite).

For the time being I’m going to develop it in spanish since, you know, it’s my main language and I really don’t have the time for extensive proofreading. Although I will translate it to english with some outside help once the contest finishes.

I’ll be posting some screenshots in a couple of days hopefully =)


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