Not so quick update

Nearly two weeks have passed and I just can’t believe I didn’t have the time to play more Fallout 2 … uh, I mean, write another entry. I’m probably at the middle of the game and I have to say that the overall structure of the quests gets a little out of my hands at this point, which is awesome. I have just so much stuff to do that I couldn’t care less if there were no more new places to visit (which there are). The only true bad part is that the bugs get worse the more I progress, but thanks to my trusty habit of saving every 10 seconds I’m annoyed instead of infuriated.

But before I continue with part 2 of the Fallout 2 critique I need to finish writting this month’s round table post since there’s an actual deadline for these things. “Why do we play games” has been in hiatus for more than a month now, sorry about that, I’ll probably write the second part in a couple of weeks though.

Oh, and I should have contracted a hosting service ages ago, so I can brake free from the shackles of the almighty The platform may be the best, but this website that hosts it is complete and utter crap. No ads, no html in any place, no custom templates… come on!! Blogger offers all of that for free, why should I pay here for the same service?

Note: For the curious ones in the crowd, I’m using’s service just because my hate for Blogger went skyhigh when they erased my one year old, 400 entry blog for no freaking reason and with no warning.

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